Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Who Was Really Harassed At the Tory Convention? And By Whom?

Mohan Mishra of No One is Illegal claims police were harassing participants in the "Beat Back the Tory Attack" rally.

But judging from Dan Sawyer's behaviour at the convention site, who was actually harassing people? And who was being harassed? You be the judge. For his own part, Sawyer seems to feel no regret for his behaviour.


  1. He made a good point though - we shouldn't be spending more on jails, we should just be kicking the illegals that commit crimes directly out of the country - that should save the social safety net enough to maintain the jails we have without needing more.

  2. Heh. That really wasn't his point at all, but I'll agree with you on that.


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