Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Margie Gillis: Almost Famous


  1. You know, I knew that Krista's interview with her was a train wreck. I would have questioned why the Canadian taxpayer should be subsidizing a world tour. I would have been questioning what her personal income was during those 13 years if she scoffed at the notion that she received all 1.2 million over 13 years. Most of all, I would have asked what profession she imagines she's at the top of with her "art". Yeah... I'm an ass.

  2. Isn't it remarkable how bourgeoise Gillis turns out to be?

    Regardless of whatever her salary as the unsubsidized "top of her field" in interpretive dance would be, I can't imagine it's that incomparable to the salary for someone in the top of their field as, say, a buger flipper.

    It's not like she's saving lives as a doctor, for chrissakes.


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