Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hitwise: Herman Cain Leading the Internet, Mitt Romney Leading the Polls

Romney holds advantage despite net volume disadvantage

As the Republican Party continues its search for a Presidential nominee who can defeat President Barack Obama, traditional opinion polls and internet volume surveys are telling very different stories.

On the polling front, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney is currently considered to be in a dead tie with Obama. According to an ABC/Washington Post/Langer Research poll, Obama and Romney would tie with 47% of the popular vote apiece if an election were held right now.

However, in terms of internet search volume, Romney has doubled up on Obama. (Sarah Palin has been the subject of six times more internet search.)

On its face, it looks good for Romney. However, when judged against the entire Republican field, Romney's performance is not quite as impressive.

According to Hitwise's analysis of internet search volume, Herman Cain is the Republcian candidate who has currently drawn the most interest. He has been the subject of 31% of total search volume. Ron Paul is in second with approximately 27%. Romney is off in third, with a still-very-formidable 25%.

Yet when one looks to Hitwise's fast-moving search terms, Romney holds the lead. His search volume shifted an astounding 2,478% over the period of the survey.

It's important to note that an internet search in no way constitutes a vote. In fact, what one discovers when they search for Cain or Romney could quite easily push a voter to vote for them or to find someone else.

With the "Obamneycare" label being attached to Romney's health care reforms in Massachusetts, it's hard to say whether Romney's blossoming search volume numbers could be a benefit or a hinderence.

The same certainly applies to Cain, as the American left pushes hard to make his expressed-reluctance to appoint a Muslim to his candidate a hot-button issue.

Social media and the internet are expected to be pivocally important in the 2012 Presidential election. Whoever wins the Republican internet battle -- whether it's Herman Cain, Mitt Romney or someone else -- will hold a massive advantage when it finally comes time to decide the Republican nominee.

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