Friday, June 24, 2011

Herman Cain Warns Of Socialism By Stealth

Cain plans to stop "encroaching socialism"

In a previous post, this author noted that Herman Cain's speeches seemed to indicate that he might be paying attention to Canadian conservatives.

It should be no great surprise. After all, the Republican Party rooted its "contract with America" of the 1990s in many of the populist ideas being promoted by Preston Manning and the Reform Party.

As Republican Presidential Candidate Herman Cain winds his way through small-town America looking for votes, one may wonder if he's somehow acquired himself a Sun News Network subscription -- or if he's at least watching some of the coverage online.

In Marshalltown, Iowa, Cain delivered a speech warning of "enroaching socialism". In many respects it sounded similar to Brian Lilley's missives on the NDP's "socialism by stealth".

"The nation is at a critical turning point. It is currently heading down the track of socialism. And I said it," Cain declared. "The good news is it's not too late to get it back on the right track."

Cain pointed to President Barack Obama's health care reform package and a controversial National Labour Relations Board ruling regarding a facility Boeing was planning to build.

Cain noted that over-regulation was harming the American economy, and even leading to a situation in which natural resources -- as well as other factors of production -- are going unused, seemingly by government missive.

"I'm not anti regulation," Cain noted. "I'm just anti too much regulation. [But] It's as if this administration doesn't want to use all of our resources."

Of course, stringent management of economic production -- including such ideas as "supply control" -- are central to the practice of socialism. As Lilley notes, it's been seen in Canada already, and there are far-left elements of the NDP who want to take it even further.

Cain seems to be becoming more and more worried that these practices are seeping deeper and deeper into the crevices of the American government. He believes that he has the skills to put a stop to it, and he intends to do so as President.

A big part of that will revolve around taking so-called "problem solving" powers and responsibilities away from the government, and delegating it back to citizens.

"The people closest to the problem are the ones who can solve the problem," Cain insisted.

As President, Herman Cain's goal would be to seek to solve only the problems that government can be expected to be able to solve. He's confident he has the skills to do just that.

"My business problem-solving skills can help this nation," he announced. "America cannot wait."

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