Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Paul Ryan vs The Political Selfishness of the Left

There's a good reason why Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan is a rising star among conservative ranks, and a good reason why the left is so terrified of him.

Speaking at a Faith and Freedom Coalition convention in Washington, DC, Ryan spoke firmly in favour of generational justice -- the idea that it is not morally or ethically permissable for the people of today to live at the expense of further generations.

That includes those who would profit politically today at the general expense of future generations -- such as those Americans who staunchly refuse to reform medicare so that they may benefit politically from their grandstanding, even as the program is at increasing risk of bankruptcy.

Ryan's detractors have their counterparts in Canada, where they refuse to consider alternatives to the current structure of universal health care that may finally make the system fiscally sustainable.

They will never admit to it, but these are deeply selfish people; more concerned with preserving their own power and influence today by fear mongering, and less concerned with preserving these programs for future generations.

As Paul Ryan wages a battle to save the United States from fiscal collapse -- one President Barack Obama (somehow) unwittingly fights from the wrong side -- his true enemy is not the debt looming over the future of the United States.

His true enemy is the political selfishness of the left. With allies like the FFC, he'll hopefully be able to win that particular battle. His country desperately depends on it.

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