Thursday, June 09, 2011

The Far-Left's Bizarre Love of Mediocrity Strikes Again

Margie Gillis bumbles through interview, hailed as a hero for it

As the Brigette DePape episode has shown Canadians, there's nothing the far-left truly loves more than mediocrity, so long as it's ideologically-soothing mediocrity.

Little else could explain the far-left's sudden love of interpretive danger Margie Gillis, who recently was the quieter -- yet no more polite -- participant in a dust-up over arts grant with Krista Erickson on Sun TV.

Erickson outlined $1.2 million in grants Gillis had received from the Canada Arts Council over 13 years. Gillis accused Erickson of belittling the arts community. The Globe and Mail's John Doyle firmly took Gillis' side:
"Recently, the channel’s Krista Erickson accosted dancer Margie Gillis on air about arts funding and tried to beat her up, verbally. This was comedy of the raw sort. Erickson explained that Gillis is a very famous, award-winning dancer and choreographer. Gillis, who talks in a very soft voice, thanked her for the nice introduction and things proceeded. Erickson, aided by an onscreen crawl, pointed out that Gillis and her dance foundation have, over the past 13 years, received grants totalling $1.2-million. That’s $1.2-million spread over 13 years. She demanded to know why Gillis was costing taxpayers $1.2-million.

Gillis explained that all the money didn’t go into her pocket. It kept a lot of people going. Erickson then went wacky. She waved her arms around in a lame attempt to mimic dance movement. Not a wizard at the arm ballet is Krista, believe me. She looked like the Martin Short character Ed Grimley getting excited. 'This whole thing,' she barked, while frantically waved her arms, 'Why does it cost $1.2-million over 13 years?' Then she shouted at Gillis to try to drown out the response.
As anyone who actually watches the interview would quickly realize, this actually bears very little resemblence to the interview itself.

Gillis may draw some sympathy from the far-left because of her soft-spoken demeanor, but that also requires them to overlook her own behaviour during the interview. She did her best to be slippery, refusing to answer Erickson's questions. Despite $1.2 million in grants over 13 years being outlined on the show, Gillis tried to insist that money was spread out over 39 years... despite the fact that the grants were listed year-by-year from 1998 onward. (There may well have been more grants, but they were not the ones Gillis was being asked about.)

Over and over again, Gillis declared that she had "sacrificed her life" to interpretive dance. Aside from this remark being a little bit creepty, it doesnt' strike a rational person as much of a sacrifice: Gillis "sacrificed" her life to be funded to the tune of millions of dollars in order to do what, presumably, she loves to do.

In fact, since 1998 Gillis has been funded by the federal government, through the Canada Arts Council, to the tune of nearly $100,000 a year. According to her remarks, she also uses that money to fund the salarty of at least one other individual.

But even $50,000 to travel the world spiraling her arms is a pretty sweet gig.

In reality, Margie Gillis hasn't made any discernable sacrifice. She isn't hard put upon.

Nor does her spiralling arms actually do anything toward the goal of world peace. A Canadian fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan does; Gillis does not.

If anyone expected that Gillis' experience yestearday would provoke even the slightest bit of self-exploration to determine whether her behaviour on Sun TV contributed to the argument or not, don't expect it. Gillis has posted a message on her Facebook page asking her followers to write the CRTC and complain about the "unilateral views" expressed on Sun TV.

(She did, to her credit, instruct her followers to stop posting hate messages on Erickson's Facebook page. However, readers of the Nexus are by now familiar with the hateful behaviour of the far-left. They probably won't listen to her.)

It's nothing new to Canada's far-left, who demand merit for every mediocre remark to tumble out of the mouth of their adopted icons. Fortunately for the rest of Canadians -- who are becoming increasingly conservative -- it works out to our advantage.


  1. I couldn't disagree with your take on this more. Erickson went in LOOKING for a fight, engaged in some sophomoric McJournalism and ended up looking like a boor. End of story.

    Gillis - 1 Erickson - 0

  2. It seems to me that it wasn't Erickson talking over Gillis to insist that 2008-2011 was a "39-year period".

    And for Gillis to claim that receiving millions in taxpayer funds in order to do what she loves is a "sacrifice" is, quite frankly, simply insulting to the intelligence. Gillis hasn't sacrificed anything to pursue her career, and government grants have ensured that is the case.

  3. Gillis dance foundation, three salaries, rental of practice space, and travel to put on shows around the world - often at the invitation of a Canadian Embassy - $100,000 per year.
    Federal grants to Sun Media: $3,500,000 per year, mostly for celebrity TV and Hollywood magazines - a recent one with Celine Dions chilren on the front page; another one - TV Hebdo the weekly TV listings - is packed with ads - Sun Media gets $3,500,000 per year, plus the Quebecor owner has received far more than that in government money over the decades - such as tax breaks during the growth stage of their huge printing company (since gone bankrupt)
    That's the problem folks. The people cutting down Margie Gillis for receiving tax money are themselves getting far more money from the taxpayers.
    Plus the mockery of the artist and the art. Other notable Sun stories: Mother Theresa: a greedy, selfish, lefty - where does she get off giving food to people too lazy to work - AND Terry Fox - who did he think he was, blocking traffic on the Trans-Canada highway --- cost a fortune in police protection and traffic control,,


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