Friday, April 15, 2011

Patrick Brazeau 2, Liberal Party 0

Justin Trudeau has nothing better to criticize Patrick Brazeau for than his Twitter avatar

It's no secret why Liberal MP Justin Trudeau has declined an opportunity to debate Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau about Aboriginal policy: Trudeau's too busy complaining about Brazeau's Twitter handle.

“How any Senator who chooses to, you know, an honourable Senator in a Canadian Parliament chose to further himself as TheBrazman perhaps lacks a little bit of gravitas one would expect from the house of sober second thought,” Trudeau complained.

In the end, Trudeau portrayed himself as a victim of his social netowrking success.

“I have a little over 60,000 followers and I try to interact with everyone who sends me Twitter notes but if every time I got to an argument with someone on Twitter I ended up debating I will spend all my time debating and not any time working her in the riding where I need to,” Trudeau insisted.

But perhaps there's another reason why Trudeau is reluctant to debate Brazeau on the topic: most of the Liberal Party's policies on Aboriginal issues entail undoing their own mistakes.

According to Trudeau, the Liberals are pledging $300 million for kindergarten-grade 12 education in Aboriginal communities, the elimination of the 2% funding cap on Aboriginal Education, and establishing a task force to deal with the issue of murdered and missing Aboriginal women.

Brazeau pointed out that it was the Liberal Party who imposed the 2% cap in the first place, and noted that the Tories have devoted $10 million to dealing with the murdered/missing women issue, including the establishment of a permanent RCMP missing persons division. There was also money made available to fight domestic violence in Aboriginal communities.

It's no wonder Justin Trudeau has nothing better to complain about than Patrick Brazeau's "Brazman" Twitter handle.

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