Saturday, April 09, 2011

In China, Even Humanity Comes Separate to Power

The question of which society in human history has been the most totalitarian will forever be up for debate.

There is, however, little question about one thing: Communist China will rank close to the top of the list. China would likely be among the top five most totalitarian societies, if not the top three. If not number one.

The Communist Party of China has declared that every institution of the state essentially has one purpose: the perpetuation of the communist political order.

In the concluding chapter of BBC's China, some basic issues of legal equality and human rights are addressed. In the cases of religious freedom, political freedom, legal equality, and even the provision of basic medical care for AIDs victims, a startling fact becomes abundantly clear: in China, even basic, fundamental humanity comes separate to the aims of maintaining the power of the current regime.

Certainly, more and more Chinese are standing up and demanding their rights, and their freedom. But when the government is more concerned with maintaining its own power, this is too often for naught.

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