Sunday, April 03, 2011

#Elxn41 Brings Out the Twittertards

With the 2011 federal election taking Twitter to new heights of political activity, one thing was absolutely certain:

Twitter would give some people an opportunity to highlight the depth of their complete ignorance.

There's something about giving absolutely anyone a political soapbox 140 characters at a time that has really managed to scrape the bottom of Canada's political talent pool.

Easily at the shallowest end of that talent pool is an individual by the name of Stephen Shakeshaft, who Tweets under the handle @Shanker420.

Wading into an exchange about Senate reform, Shakeshaft declares that Prime Minister Stephen Harper is a little too close to the USA for his liking.
Pushed a little further on precisely why Canadians should think that Harper's coffee mug is a serious issue, Shakeshaft claims that Harper's choice in coffee mugs is very deeply calculated.
To support his argument, Shakeshaft eventually produced the following video, shot during an "occupation" of Harper's office in Calgary:

The first impulse of any rational individual is to offer a facetious "oh noes! Stephen Harper uses the 'wrong' souvenir mug at his Calgary office!" Where he... almost never is.

The detail that seems to elude Shakeshaft is that the Conservative Party ad cited in the video in question was shot in the Prime Minister's office in Ottawa.

For anyone counting, that's 3,330 km away from where the allegedly-damning US government sovenir mug is located. (It's 1998 if we want to mock Shakeshaft in miles instead.)

Yet despite the fact that Shakeshaft has offered the emptiest anti-American remark of the campaign to date, he claims that he's "by no means anti-American".
Which is very clearly complete and utter bullshit. Of all the Twittertards polluting the #Elxn41 discourse, it's very clear that Stephen Shakeshaft has the absolute least to offer. Even less than your standard Chickenwanker.

Considering Shakeshaft's "420" handle and his PotTV sources, it's just another reminder for all the kids out there: drugs are really, really bad for you.


  1. The fact that he uses 420 in his twitter name is a dead give away where his priorities lay.

    Surprised he isn't running for the marijuana party.

  2. Dear God. Don't give him any ideas.

  3. I think it would be great if he ran, then he'd get his a** kicked at most doors he'd knock on, unless its his neighborhood dealer.

    Better his wallet go up in flames by running, than spending it on chronic & munchies.

  4. There's no justification whatsoever for wishing violence on him.

    He may be dumb, but I'd say he punishes himself enough.

  5. I don't wish violence upon him, I was speaking metaphorically, in that he couldn't debate his way out of a paper bag. I hope that clears things up.


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