Thursday, April 07, 2011

Jack Layton Moves to Violate Charter Rights of Gangs

Layton to deny gangs their freedom of associaton

...At least that's what Jack Layton and the NDP would be insisting if the Conservative Party had proposed the anti-gang plan recently put forth by the NDP.

Under the plan, the NDP would invest $100 million in prevention programs, $150 million in hiring and training additional police officers, and make it illegal for gangs to recruit new members.

Which is actually an excellent policy. Then agian, when the Conservative government moved to eliminate the contentious 2-for-1 sentencing credit, the opposition parties claimed it was a violation of prisoners' charter rights.

A bizarre argument if ever there was one, but no less bizarre than an argument that the freedom of association rights of criminal organizations should be protected. Why should the NDP make one, and not the other?

All joking about the NDP's inconsistent approach to crime aside, the anti-gang policy is a very fine policy that all of Canada's political parties should emulate.

"Gang violence is a national problem that requires Canadian leadership," Layton announced. "Prevention is the key tool to stamp out street crime at its source."

Of course Canada still needs to invest responsibly in the measures to be used when prevention fails; for those who don't know, those would be called prisons, and the NDP has opposed building more of those.

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