Saturday, April 02, 2011

President Paul? Which One?

Rand Paul won't run for President against his dad

It's hard to know whether a Rand Paul run at the Presidency would be what the Republican Party wants more, or what the Party wants least.

But speaking at the University of Iowa recently, Paul made it clear that he's considering a run... provided that his father, Ron Paul, doesn't make a run himself.

“The only thing I’ve decided is that I won’t run against my dad,” Paul said.

Like his father, Paul is accruing himself a reputation as someone who will speak out against his own party. Very recently, Paul has criticized his party over its reluctance to fully address the United States' fiscal woes.

For Paul, absolutely nothing is off-limits in the fight against the growing US deficit, not even that traditional sacred cow, the military.

“It’s what I call the inconvenient truth in Washington," Paul remarked. "Conservatives have to acknowledge that not all military dollars are well spent. We have to acknowledge that or we’re not serious about balancing the budget.”

It doesn't end there. Paul has also come out in favour of slashing all US foreign aid... including to Israel, itself often considered an untouchable corner stone of American foreign policy. Paul has even provoked the ire of Senate Democrats with that particular idea.

There's little question that a Rand Paul Presidential run would be revolutionary; not only for the Republican Party, but also for the United States as a whole. Perhaps even more revolutionary than a Ron Paul Presidential run.

Whether Republicans are ready for a Rand Paul Presidential run or not, they'll be waiting on baited breath for Ron's decisions as much as for Rand's.

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  1. If either "Paul" ascends to the White House... I'm moving to Fukishima, Japan!

    p.s. I still don't agree with you politically - but glad to see you're posting again.


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