Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lies the Harper Haters Tell, Part 4

Today on the Nexus series fact-checking the Shit Harper Did website, we examine the site's descent from specious half-truths and outright lies into sheer religious bigotry:
Of course, all of this is based on the work of Douglas Todd.

As if to provoke some very severe doubts about the nature of Todd's work, it seems that his claims about the Alliance Church's beliefs regarding an apocalypse are corroborated only by works by himself. That's suspicious, particularly when Todd tips his hand when he attempts to also link Harper's religious beliefs to Sarah Palin.

It would be bad enough if it weren't just blatant dog-whistle politics. It's also poorly supported.

Todd offers examples of work by Vision TV's Randall Mark and Fraser Valley University professor Ron Dart. Mark's and Dart's works on this subject are not peer-reviewed, and themselves cite no sources.

In other words: they don't pass scholarly muster.

Not that anyone should expect such scholarly matters to be of any concern to the people behind ShitHarperDid. After all, the website is all about dog-whistle politics -- about making statements that would rightly be rejected by most people as utter rubbish, yet serves to get the far-left base all fired up for the election.

As it turns out, however, the joke may actually be on the creators of Shit Harper Did: the far-left base is already fired up to vote. It's moderate voters they desperately need, and moderate voters are likely to be repulsed by the kinds of lies being told at the Shit Harper Did website.

What's been seen so far is only the tip of the iceberg. Ther are more.


  1. Everything i have seen on the site Shitharperdid is basically true and anyone going there knows it so you r wasting your time buddy.

  2. Maybe you haven't been paying attention. So far I've conducted four fact-checks of claims on the Shit Harper Did website, and not one has passed.

    Not even one.

    Just saying these things are true isn't enough. It has to pass a fact-check, and when they just keep failing, over and over, it speaks for itself.


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