Wednesday, April 20, 2011

In Their Own Words: Soft on Crime, Tough on the Law-Abiding

On a recent edition of The Michael Coren Show, Coren, Andrew Lawton, John Downs and Nokha Dakroub face off over the issue of the long-gun registry.

Discussing the Liberal Party's most recent fear-mongering attack ad, Coren, Lawton, Downs and Dakroub discuss the issue of crime.

Seldom has the left ever demonstrated its intellectual impoverishment on the issue of crime, particularly as it pertains to the long-gun registry. Citing statistics claiming that long-guns are used to kill women, Downs is unable to address some of the very basic facts on this issue. This includes the fact that the long-gun registry hasn't actually reduced gun violence against women, or anyone else for that matter.

Downs and Dakroub go on to note that knives are also lethal, as are staplers (or at least can be). This would be utterly comical if it wasn't in their own words.

Downs goes on to note that it should be difficult to register a firearm so that there will be fewer guns. The segment concludes with Downs explaining why he thinks the Canadian justice system is so replete with impediments on the law-abiding, and various benefits and amnesties for criminals; at least he attempts to. The segment concludes with him flubbing the word "penal" (he instead says "penile"; laughter and cross-talk ensue).

Even with his comments left incomplete, Nokha Dakroub and John Downs make one thing abundantly clear: the Canadian left-wing favours a system that is soft on crime, and tough on the law-abiding.

These are the competing visions Canadians are choosing between in the 2011 federal election: on the one hand, a vision that is tough on crime, and soft on the law-abiding. In the other hand, a vision that is soft on crime, and tough on law-abiding.

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