Monday, April 11, 2011

#Elxn41 Brings Out the Twittertards, Part Two

In an earlier episode of "#Elxn41 Brings Out the Twittertards", we explored the tragic example of Stephen Shakeshaft, and helpless stoner who Tweets under the handle @Shanker420.

Mr Shakeshaft thought it was a serious political issue that Prime Minister Stephen Harper has a US government souvenir coffee mug on his desk in Calgary, more than 3,000 km away from where he normall drinks his coffee.

Today, we explore the equally-tragic case of Jeff Merklinger, who Tweets under the handle @JeffMerklinger, aka "STOP HARPER" (Merklinger apparently engages his capslock to attract maximum attention).

Judging from his Twitter account, Merklinger's flagship political argument is to accuse Prime Minister Harper and the Tories of being Nazis.
There really isn't much of a story with Merklinger -- just another intellectually-impotent left-winger relying more on bombastic sleaze than on anything even remotely resembling a factual or rational argument. The real story with Merklinger is who appreciates his work.

In examining the list of Merklinger's followers, one finds something remarkable -- the Catch .22 Conservatives:
The Catch .22 Conservatives are essentially a collective of left-wingers determined to defeat Tory candidates in targetted ridings. They applied for, and received, third party status from Elections Canada, meaning that they're allowed to spend money campaigning for or against candidates in this election.

Merklinger isn't the only borderline-certifiable individual involved in their campaign.

Also involved is CK, the basketcase chickenwanker behind Sister Sage's Musings -- a blog better described as "Sister Spiteful's Musings".

CK even produced this poster for the campaign, a poster she displayed on her blog with all the pride of a six year-old showing mommy and daddy their most recent finger-painted etchings.

Among the complaints listed in the poster is "secretly wishing Sarah Palin could join their gang". So among all the vapid complaints in the poster -- tailor-designed to appeal only to the far-left base -- is one argument that literally holds zero relevance to Canadians.

This among various racially-tinged comments from CK, as well as from some of her co-bloggers.

Simply put, the Catch .22 Conservatives would really like Canadians to take them seriously. Unfortunately for them, between their Twitter activities and their secret membership, there's no reason in the world for anyone to do so.


  1. I ended up blocking the moron. Someone who uses Nazism as a means for debate obviously has no respect for the millions of families affected by Nazism. But what do they care? It's all to prove some sick point.

  2. I didn't actually get around to blocking him, but block him I shall.

    Personally, I've drawn a line in terms of blocking Twitter users, I'm restricting myself to blocking complete lunatics only.

    Interestingly enough, I've already blocked a minimum of two junkies during #Elxn41. Possibly more.


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