Thursday, May 01, 2008

Canadians Continue to Vote With Their Wallets

Even the NDP is out-fundraising the Liberals

Liberal leader Stephane Dion should probably be in the process of re-thinking any thought he may have had about trying to force an election this summer after seeing 2008's first-quarter fundraising numbers.

January through March of this year, the Conservative party pulled in $4.95 million from 44,345 donors. The Liberals raised a mere $846,129 from 10,169 donors -- only four times what the Green party pulled in ($210,962 from 4,731 donors).

Even the NDP managed to raise more funds than the Liberals, amassing $1.1 million from 13,329 contributors.

And you can't win an election with money alone, the Liberals need to keep in mind the other half of this old Jean Chretien maxim "you can't win without it".


  1. I really think it's time for Dion to wake up and read the writing on the wall.

    But, I guess let's sit back and see his 'don't underestimate me'.

  2. Yeah, and the writing on the wall says "another minority government".

    I wonder if Harper will ever wakeup and do likewise.


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