Sunday, May 18, 2008

John McCain (Barely) Not Acting His Age

McCain out"hipping" his younger opponents

It would be a severe exaggeration to suggest that American pop culture lives and breathes by Saturday Night Live. This has been the case before -- twice before, and ever-so-briefly on each occasion -- but certainly not now.

That being said, John McCain continued to beat his two younger potential opponents to the pop culture punch this week, as he appeared on NBC's Saturday Night Live.

Of course, not even American comedy lives and breathes by Saturday Night Live. If anything, the America comedy world orbits around Jon Stewart's The Daily Show (which, to date, has produced comedy superstars like Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell, and up-and-coming stars like John Oliver and Rob Corddry).

McCain has appeared on the Daily Show more often than any other guest (11 times).

McCain's certainly joking when he asserts that he has "the oldness" to defend and honour America (although, if such a trait were required, he certainly has it). But even at 72 years of age, he's still young at heart -- with the sense of humour of a man half his age.

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