Saturday, May 10, 2008

Another Sign of Success in Afghanistan

Afghan police foil bomb plot

In a turn of events almost certain to infuriate various historical revisionist naysayers, Afghanistan's police force took a big step toward earning their stripes today, foiling two bomb plots in Kandahar.

Afghan Security Forces started early in the day when they seized two vehicles filled with explosives and arrested three people. The arrest garnered information that allowed them to locate and disarm two Improvised Explosive Devices in the city.

Reportedly, one of the IEDs was found near a school.

The cars were suspected to be transporting explosives to Taliban forces in Panjwai.

"They were giving bombs from Pakistani Taliban to Afghan Taliban," said Kandahar provincial police Chief Sayed Aka Sakib.

Of course, to pretend that today's events represent a triumph for Afghan police and that all the hard work training police in Afghanistan would be more than just a little premature.

Some of the casualty rates being absorbed by Afghan anti-drug units demonstrate that there is still a lot of work to be done in Afghanistan.

But today's events remain an encouraging sign -- regardless of what the revisionists may or may not have to say about it.

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