Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Hillary Clinton is Not Going Home

Hillrod to stay in the race despite major setback

After her big win in Pennsylvania, many people were beginning to think that Hillary Clinton's campaign was beginning to grow some real wins.

One day after a big loss in North Carolina and a narrow victory in Indiana, Hillrod's prospects of securing the Democrat Presidential Nomination are beginning to look continuously dimmer, as Barack Obama continues to nurse a narrow lead in terms of both pledged delegates and the popular vote.

To give herself an extra push, Clinton has loaned her campaign another $6.4 million. She had previously lent her campaign $5, meaning she has, to date, sunk $11.4 million of her own funds into her campaign.

Hillary Clinton is not going home.

Up until yesterday, Clinton's strategy was to erase some of Obama's lead in pledged delegates and popular vote enough to draw enough superdelegates to her side to offset the difference, and emerge the Democrat Nominee at the Democratic National Convention.

Even her chances of that are looking ever-slimmer as George McGovern -- a man who will certainly hold a considerable amount of sway amongst the party-elite-selected superdelegates -- has urged her to drop out of the race.

"It certainly was not out of any less respect for Senator Clinton," McGovern announced. "I think she has waged a really courageous and valiant campaign. She will have my affection and admiration for all of my days. But I think mathematically the race is all but won by Barack Obama and the time has come for all of us to unite and get ready for the general election in the fall."

McGovern, who previously supported Clinton, has now decided to back Obama.

It's hard not to admire Clinton for choosing to soldier on despite the extremely slim odds, and it all really comes down to one of life's simplest maxims: continue to fight so long as you can win.

Even though her chances may be slim indeed, Hillary Clinton very much can win this contest. While the party elite may not necessarily agree that prolonging the primary process is in the party's best interest, at least Clinton will make things interesting up until the very end.

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