Thursday, May 08, 2008

Half Way to a Thousand Posts And Not Tired Yet

This is the 500th post published to the Nexus of Assholery. And while I try to refrain from self-indulgent monologuing, this is one time I think I've earned it, so I'll indulge myself in an opportunity to share some of my personal thoughts on exactly what's been going on here for the last few years.

First off, a lot of work goes into 500 posts -- at least, a lot more than one would expect. It's a long journey, and a lot is learned.

As a political blogger, you learn a lot of things on your way to 500 posts:

Some people will like you. some people won't.

Some people will debate you. Others will refuse.

Some people will be honest. Some people will blatantly refuse to be honest.

Some people will take criticism. Some people won't.

Some people will stand up with you for what's right. Some people will lack the courage.

Some people will respect you. Some people won't.

Some people will prove to be worthy opponents. Some people are simply pathetic.

A person makes a lot friends and a lot of enemies on their way to 500 posts. A person will win battles and they'll lose battles. There will be good times and there will be bad times. But it's been worth it here all along.

To my edification, I've won a lot more of my battles than I've lost -- although the defeated refuse to own up to their defeat. There are legions of hiveminded sycophants who would likely beg to disagree -- but it's hard to take such mindless individuals seriously.

It's rewarding to stick to one's principles and win while your opponents abandon theirs in the name of victory -- and thus lose. It's fun to watch your opponents play into your hands and attack what they believe are weaknesses, but are really places of strength disguised as obvious weakness.

(The fact that so many left-wing demagogues have yet to comprehend the Nexus Credo is proof enough of that -- as is the fact that some right-wing demagogues have yet to comprehend that this is not exclusively a conservative blog.)

If you're stalwart and disciplined enough, it's enjoyable to watch them scramble to assassinate your character, and put forth some rather pathetic efforts. The fact that they would resort to attempts at character assassination at all is evidence that, yes, you've gotten to them, and they simply don't know how else they can win.

(They can't; but fortunately, they aren't smart enough to figure it out yet.)

And the desperation, for some of them, is really starting to show:

"You progressive bloggers need to set up a schedule to organise your focus on Teh Nexus."

Of course, there are two problems with this: first off, that all too often, my opponents turn out not to be neither true progressives nor conservatives, but simple demagogues in disguise -- anything that gets people to buy into their every word, every thought, is inherently rewarding to them and unfortunately there are all too many people who are willing to do that.

The other problem is that they've already tried to play the numbers game and lost. The fact that I'm still here, still blogging, still defiant, and still taking it to them is proof enough of that.

They may not be honest enough to admit when they've lost. But the edifying thing about beating someone good and decisively is that you never need to hear them admit it. You just know you've won. Most of the time they know it, too, but just aren't honest enough to admit it.

But you see it. You see it weighing on them. And every so often, they let their facade slip, just a little. When they indulge themselves in fantasies like this:

"The righties like Patrick are just worried that the next time they go to bully some emotionally charged and vulnerable person that person will fucking punch him in the face and then curb stomp him. It's pure self interest, nothing more. It's hard to bully someone when your jaw is wired shut and you're in a wheel chair."

If that isn't a fairly disturbing look into the inner recesses of the mind of a demagogue, one would wonder what is. Besides, deep down, everyone around here knows who the bullies are. And these people seem to like them just fine.

Bullying isn't the issue. It clearly isn't when these people slavishly applaud and worship at the feet of a pack of consummate bullies. The issue is their desire to silence and utterly erase the views of anyone who disagrees with them.

If they haven't yet figured out that they'll never get that satisfaction, they need to get the message.

My name is Patrick Ross. I'm the author of the Nexus of Assholery, and I'm here to stay. No amount of attack is ever going to change that.

Those of you that message is meant for know who you are. Expect to hear from me early and often. Don't expect to enjoy it.

And I'll see you at 1000 posts.


  1. Patrick, I remain absolutely delighted to be a constant reader, periodic commenter, and delighted supporter of "The Nexus".

    Here's to post # 1,000!

  2. Thanks, Bruce. You're a gem.

  3. Of course, there are two problems with this: first off, that all too often, my opponents turn out not to be neither true progressives nor conservatives, but simple demagogues in disguise

    No truer words were spoken. I was thinking exactly the same thing today while immersed in thought at work. And presto! you have summarized these thoughts here. Congratulations on your 500th post.


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