Friday, May 30, 2008

How Easily They Forget...

Readers of the Nexus may recall a story from a couple of days ago about Ottawa's First Place Pregnancy Center filing suit against Planned Parenthood for "defamatory comments".

A rather typical enraged comment accompanied by the braying of a rather unsurprising cheerleader seems to miss the obvious point.

That the Sens Better Halves didn't boot the FPPC off the tree raffle charity, as Fern Hill dishonestly suggests here:

"We feminazis didn’t deny anyone funding. It was the Ottawa Senators’ fans — private individuals — who denied the anti-choicers their hard-earned dough."

But rather the First Place Pregnancy Centre voluntarily withdrew.

Now if only Fern Hill were to come out and suggest why they believe their side of the debate should be entitled to federal funding while they work so hard to ensure their opponents receive no funding, even when they're providing actual services to women...

Fat chance of that.

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