Saturday, May 17, 2008

Moral Puritans of the Hateful Left Redux

Surprise! Conservatives like sex, too

In a post today at the Canadian Cynic Temple of Sycophantic Groupthink, Groupthinking High Preistess Lulu wants to take issue with Mesopotamia West's Frank and some "erotica" he published on his blog.

Now, as it turns out, the story in question is actually some excessively tame stuff.

But this whole tale -- a rather pitiful excuse for criticism -- really just goes to show you that maybe these douchebags at the Groupthink Temple just don't know what the internet is for in the first place:


  1. as it turns out, the story in question is actually some excessively tame stuff.

    Close, but no cigar, mullet boy.

    I believe the word you were looking is lame, not 'tame'.

  2. No, Frank. I meant what I said.

    The story in question was actually pretty good. But unlike people such as yourself, I don't judge the quality of art based on the political beliefs its creator holds.

    Which really just goes to remind people how small-minded a little miscreant you really are.

  3. Whatever, Patsy.

    It was L-A-M-E.

  4. Well, that's your opinion.

    Fortunately, your opinion doesn't matter to anyone whose opinion does matter.

    But thanks for calling, Frank.


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