Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Please Try Not to Laugh at Dominic LeBlanc

Stephen Harper apparently steals show at Acadian festival, LeBlanc pouting

Liberal party MP Dominic LeBlanc apparently feels that Stephen Harper stepped on his and Stephane Dion's toes by attending an Acadian festival in Caraquet, New Brunswick.

He responded by jamming them directly into his mouth, in what can only be described as a petulent, hypocritical tirade.

"At what should be a cultural celebration, Mr. Harper and his staff have chosen to behave like schoolyard bullies in a very crass, political way," LeBlanc complained. "This shouldn't be a partisan event."

Indeed it shouldn't have been. Now, if Harper had made a blatantly politicized speech, one could understand LeBlanc's objections.

Harper's speech?

"The battle for the survival and vitality of the French fact in Canada was fought and won by communities like Caraquet and many other Acadian communities," the prime minister said. "Long before Canada's founding, it was Acadian men and women who provided the most impressive example of the loyalty of a community to its values and its culture. ...Canada today is an example to the world in our embrace of diversity and the ability of Canadian federalism to preserve what distinguishes our communities while strengthening what unites us as a country."

"On the world scene, the mutual enriching of the two languages and the two cultures is recognized as one of Canada’s signature accomplishments and most important assets," Harper added.

Reportedly, the closest Harper came to partisanship was to reaffirm his government's support for bilingualism and minority language communities.

Stephane Dion was noted to have taken the opportunity to criticize some of Harper's budget cuts.

So apparently, what LeBlanc really meant when he said that the festival should have been a non-partisan event is that Stephen Harper should have not showed up, so the festival could have been a Liberal partisan event.

But try not to laugh too hard at Dominic LeBlanc. He's fragile, and feels like he's been "bullied".

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