Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Oh, He's So Angry

Holy shit, he's gonna blow

After spending all day salivating over the "conclusive evidence" that CEF president Dave Coles promised on his claims that police officers were trying to provoke riots at the Montebello protests, Canadian Cynic seems to be more than a little bit disappointed.

Now he apparently can't swallow the inconclusiveness of whatever evidence remains.

"Those yellow things on the soles of their boots really do look more like triangles, and the boots of the protestors are clearly different from those of the arresting officers."

Perhaps Cynic will accept an invitation to take a second look at the photograph.

Or perhaps, take a perusal of some of his fellow "progressive" (let's face it, Cynic could never be accurately described as progressive) bloggers:

Big City Lib:

"This marking on the boots of both riot police and faux protesters at the Montebello summit is the trademark of "Vibram", an Italian company that produces rubber outsoles for footwear. They appear on the Matterhorn assault boot pictured left as well on many other makes and models. So the "protesters" and police are not necessarily wearing the same boot."

And from Cynic's fellow panic-stricken feeb, Red Tory:

"CEP union leader Dave Coles’s “proof” goes splat. Turns out it’s just a re-iteration of the allegation about the markings on the boots worn by the “protesters” being the same as that of gear worn by the police."

Sometimes it's nice to get a little help from someone else's friends.

Unfortunately, any hopes of anyone conjuring a better quality photo of the integral boot in question (that of the suspect) seem slim, as most of the boot is blocked by an officer's arm. The sole of the suspect's left boot is also pictured, but doesn't offer a clear view of the tread.

Perhaps it's time to bring all this around to the point: we're still waiting for some conclusive evidence over here. If Cynic can't conjure any, it's probably best that he gets back to telling the mothers of dead soldiers to fuck off.

I'll also give Cynic full permission to start a blog about my blog. Given that his blog his typically about other people's blogs, I'm not sure how that'll be any different than what he does now.

Semi-Related Story - Ouch. This one had to have hurt. But I don't condone that. Really, I don't...

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