Friday, August 17, 2007

Liberal Party Linked to Gun Ban Website, Lies About It

Steve Janke catches the Liberals... uh... red-handed. (Get it? Red-handed? Aw, forget it...)

Thanks to Steve Janke, the suggestions made in an earlier post have been solidly confirmed.

Anyone who visits the No Gun, No Funeral website will quickly notice that the site is red. Really red.

It wasn't at all hard to link the site, it's partisan attacks on Stephen Harper and Stockwell Day and Ontario attorney general Michael Bryant's "No Gun No Funeral" buttons together as a less-than-sophisticated Liberal party campaign ploy.

Janke, however, has produced the straight poop regarding the site, and it takes what was merely speculatory into the realm of the confirmed fact.

According to Janke, the site's registration information links it solidly to two individuals: Glenn Brown and Nikki Holland.

Holland is a member of the "Green Light committee" for the Ontario wing of the federal Liberal party. Brown is the riding association president for St Paul's, which just happens to be Michael Bryant's riding.

The phone number the site is registered to also happens to belong to the St. Paul's Provincial Liberal Association.

According to an unidentified individual at Michael Bryant's campaign office, the website is not part of their campaign. At least not officially. But it is registed to the Bryant campaign's phone number.

So, not only is Michael Bryant using the No Gun, No Funeral website to campaign against his opponent's federal counterparts instead of his actual opponents, but his campaign isn't even admitting to it.

So if the lack of a Liberal party identification on the website isn't dishonest, the refusal of the Liberal party to admit it definitely is.

1 comment:

  1. They are such a bunch of liars....

    ABFreedom (a blogger) is right to call them LIEberals all the time.


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