Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Red Tory's Slow Newsweek: Day #998

Sigh. He just couldn't keep his word

After being seemingly laid to rest, intellectual coward extraordinaire has chosen to reignite the blogging flame war that he was so frustrated to be on the losing side of.

It may come as news to some that a sort of detente had been reached in this historically one-sided battle. He'd said as much himself.

Now, apparently dissatisfied with the end of a flaming war that he himself begged out of, Red Tory has chosen to come back and try and avenge his defeat.

His great argument--which, as usual declines to include an actual argument--is that apparently I have been posting on his blog as some character by the name of "Number Four".

While I'll be the first to admit that I have been swinging by his blog on a regular basis as my personal method of "monitoring the peace", I certainly haven't been commenting there. Once again, this is another verifiable fact that Red Tory has apparently chosen to overlook, and it is simply verifiable indeed: nowhere on his site does my name appear with any comments following my final comment on his blog, which was indeed my final comment on his blog.

The fact is that I kept my word: I didn't even gloat, as other individuals would have been prone to do. But apparently, Red Tory's invitation to "Blog in peace" has been rescinded. Fair enough. I told him that this issue will go on for as long as he chose to continue it, and I will stand by that promise.

But, if Red Tory wants to hitch his credibility to making such claims, he's more than weclome to do it. He's only hurting himself, really.

I will, however, be more than happy to provide him with the opportunity to provide the blogosphere with some sort of proof that I am his so-called "number four". If he can't (and he won't), I'll be expecting an apology and a retraction.


  1. so, why do you post as "number four"? what's the significance?


  2. Red Tory will find himself hard-pressed to prove that I do something I don't do.

    I'll be expecting that retraction soon, and I do have enough information on hand to pursue a legal remedy, if need be.

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  4. So little time for retards today.

    Consider yourself deleted.

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  6. "So little time for retards today.

    Consider yourself deleted."

    i'll give you twenty-four hours to retract and apologize....