Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Sounds About Right

Red Tory describes his assorted cohorts & groupies fairly accurately

...Oh, wait. That was me.

But while we're in the business of issuing challenges, I have an interesting one for "Red Tory". Write a short, marginally readable post about the red tory political philosophy, and explain to us how it's impacted your "thinking".

And while you're at it, keep saying my name, keep getting mad, and keep avoiding any sort of debate with me.

I really don't mind. I like being proven right.


  1. Anonymous7:06 PM

    I really don't mind. I like being proven right.
    To the fact that you are delusional?

  2. To the fact that I've pretty much publicly stated that Red Tory lacks the intellectual wherewithall to raise and explain actual criticisms about my blog's content.

    He's actually reduced himself to the level of a troll (an actual troll, like yourself, for example) that doesn't really have the courage to troll people directly, so he trolls them from the comfort of his own blog.

    Like I said, Red Tory really manages to take the "intellectual" out of "intellectual coward".

  3. Anonymous8:49 PM

    You have quite the imagination if you believe in actual trolls, what next the tooth fairy?

    I'm still waiting for Patels to show his stats - since you are a duo with him, maybe you could nudge him in the right direction...
    After all, he is always bragging about his "readership"...

  4. If Werner wants to show his stats, that's up to him. Myself, I have no recorded stats to show... other than the bounty on my blog.


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