Wednesday, August 22, 2007

And the Obsession Continues

Gee. All this attention for lil' ol' me.

Red Tory's obsession with the Nexus has apparently continued unabated. Look at all the time he spent on me today.

Ironically, at the end of the day our obsessed little bloglodyte provided us with precisely what I asked for: a clearer image of the boot in question. And apparently, there is little question left about it: the protester in the image is wearing the same brand of boot as the police officers.

Then again, considering that this boot is available to the civilian consumer, it isn't proof of anything concrete. He himself has admitted this.

So, let's satiate Red Tory's obsession: after losing every previous round, he finally gets to win one -- sort of.

Then again, if I were Red Tory, I suppose I'd be obsessed, too. After all, he couldn't convince anyone with a properly-functioning cranium that there's an operative difference between anonymity and pseudonymity. He couldn't conjure a single coherent criticism of this blog. Then, after going back on a de facto peace agreement (having previously tapped submission), he couldn't identify me as his so-called "Number Four".

He also refused to retract that libellous accusation once he was proven wrong -- ironically, by photographic evidence.

So, today Red Tory can celebrate his empty little "triumph", because once again, I'll do what he won't: admit that this time, he was right.

In the meantime, however, the rest of us will be waiting for evidence that the individual wearing those boots is actually a police officer, not a Black Bloc protester who happens to have bought the same brand of boots.

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