Thursday, September 30, 2010

Let's Give Them Something to Cry About

Turn George Galloway away at the border

Following an extremely suspect ruling suggesting that political interference was involved in a decision to declare former British MP George Galloway inadmissable to Canada, Galloway has declared his intention to come to Toronto this weekend to deliver his planned-2009 speech.

Galloway clearly aims this directly at Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney.

"I'm coming to get you with my arguments, Mr Kenney," Galloway crowed. "I'm going to establish either that you're a fool or that you're a knave -- in any case, that the people of Canada deserve better than you."

This is amusing coming from someone whose own constituents judged him to be a fool, a knave, and scum (quite literally chanting at him as such) and decided that they deserve better than him.

And they do.

Speaking in advance of his visit, Galloway continued his personal practice of mendacity.

"I am not now, nor have I ever been, a terrorist or a security threat to Canada or anywhere else," Galloway insisted.

If only it were so. When George Galloway handed over more than 20,000 Pounds Sterling to then-(and now) no-longer Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, he gave those funds (including a portion he described as his own personal money before the British Charity Commission), he gave that money directly to a terrorist organization.

That's a threat to the security of Gaza, and unlawful in Canada.

Moreover, questionss about why he didn't donate these funds to the Red Cross, Red Crescent, Doctors Without Borders or any other internationally-recognized and transparent organization were answered rather immediately when Galloway crowed that his contribution wasn't about charity -- it was all politics.

It's these facts alone that render the recent decision by Justice Richard Mosley counter to law, and should be simply disregarded by the government.

Mosley ruled that no decision to refuse to admit Galloway had never actually been made, as Galloway did not present himself for admission. However, he did claim that the government had alledgedly made a decision directing customs officials to turn Galloway away based on political criteria.

In other words, Mosley disregarded the role of the judiciary -- to judge the law based on objective criteria -- in favour of making a subjective judgement.

When George Galloway presents himself for admission, the Canadian government should promptly put him on a plane back to Britain -- right after collecting Mosley's resignation -- and let Galloway's supporters cry Canadians a river.


  1. I would hope they would give him 24 hours of the Toronto G20 hospitality and send him out without his shoes for mommy to pick him up. Just saying.

    The preliminary admission by border services to disqualify him entry does not expire. He may appeal it but the minister has publicly stated he will not intervene.
    Sounds like a legal issue for the courts. Who is going to pay for it?

  2. I actually disagree with you. Let the fool speak. Let him into the country, but make damn sure that he doesn't leave with any money, and make damn sure that he doesn't leave money here with any organizations.

    He would have had much less media attention if the government hadn't sought to bar him (regardless of whether it was a civil servant or the minister), and it would be easier to bar him in the future if he does something stupid while he's here.


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