Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dr Anthony J Hall: Riding the Wave of the Crazy

Somewhere, in the darkest bowels of the Unviersity of Lethbridge, Dr Anthony J Hall is longing for attention.

That's really the only way to explain this particular email, either leaked to your not-so-humble scribe, or deliberately sent by the "esteemed" Dr Hall.

In response to a blogpost pointing out Dr Hall's errors in regard to who enjoys the economic proceeds of the Fort McMurray oilsands, and his dubious claims about cancer rates in Fort Chipewyan, he instead chooses to fling accusatiosn of race-baiting and cheerleading for Ezra Levant.

Out of 1,955 posts on The Nexus as of today, your not-so-humble scribe has, to date, blogged about race and racism on a total of 43 occasions. That's merely 2% of the total posts preceding this one.

So Dr Hall's portrayal of your so-gloriously-unhumble scribe is clearly more than a little contrived. Just as Dr Hall's academic work seems to rest on a complete absence of fact, so does his assessment of his critics.

For example, Dr Hall accuses Levant ot being an oil lobbyist. There seems to be no evidence that Levant is employed by any oil company. For his own part, Levant himself denies it.

So that's simply another matter where Dr Hall's arguments rely on an absence of fact.

Then again, the idea that anyone who would write a book in favour of oilsands production must be a lobbyist for "big oil" is ideologically soothing to the far left. In what passes as Dr Hall's academic discipline, this is basically a pre-requisite.

This is why Dr Anthony J Hall isn't a serious academic, and shouldn't be confused for one. Nor should be afforded that level of respect.


  1. What about the students subjected to this guy? Their mushy brains are being shaped by this and what about the university that enables the rabble to continue to fall at likely some expense of taxpayer funds.

  2. I've conferred with some students from the University of Lethbridge, and it turns out that very few of his students are very impressed with him.

    Who would be? His idea of taking on Sebastien Junger is apparently getting kicked out of the event, and then preaching to the choir outside.

    Josh Blakeney:

    "Yes, yes, yes! Dr Hall! Everything you say is correct! It doesn't matter if the facts don't support your conclusions! Yaaaaay!"


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