Thursday, September 16, 2010

Who You Calling Bitch?

Not Ieshuh Griffin

As featured on last night's episode of the Daily Show, US congressional candidate Ieshuh Griffin attempted to make unique use the "five words of principle" independent candidates can place on the ballot next to their name in the state of Wisconsin.

When voters cast their ballot, "NOT the white man's bitch" will not appear next to Griffin's name.

No, this is not a joke.

Griffin had to get the statement past Wisconsin's Government Accountability Board, who initially ruled that it would appear on the ballot. That decision was later reversed.

Griffin even managed to attract the attention of Rush Limbaugh.

In politics, as in anything else, controversy sells. Ieshuh Griffin managed to parlay her clearly-militant racial views ever-so-briefly to the top. The Daily Show has now granted her a few more minutes of fame.

This author, as a white man, is quite comfortable with Ieshuh Griffin not being his bitch. That job's already been taken.

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