Sunday, September 19, 2010

Coming Soon to the Nexus of Assholery...

Within the next few weeks, a bold new initiative is coming to the Nexus of Assholery.

Over the past several months, your not-so-humble scribe has been working on a super-secret pet project.

In 2009, Globe and Mail columnist John Ibbitson published a book entitled Open and Shut: Why America Has Barack Obama and Canada Has Stephen Harper. The book is a comparison of the political trends that brought each Harper and Obama to power, and an exploration of how American political innovations could benefit Canada.

In October, your not-so-humble scribe will offer a response to Ibbitson's book.

Entitled Open or Shut? Why Canada is Better Off With Stephen Harper, and How We Can Do Even Better, the book will offer a comparative critique of the Harper government and the Obama administration, as well as a further exploration of how Canadians can better open their political system.

The book will seek to address several questions, including:

-How did Barack Obama manage to shit the bed so badly?
-What do the founderings of Obama and Harper have in common?
-How does Canadian tax policy smother the marketplace of ideas?
-Do Canadian campaign finance laws invite foreign interference in Canadian elections?
-What are the stakes for aboriginal governance?

This, among other topics. It will be a very short -- but very important -- read for Canadians concerned with the direction of their country.

So how much will this book cost? It's a good thing you asked.

How about... $0? Nothing? Nada?

That's right -- this book will be offered for free in e-book format. But there's a catch.

Open it Up is meant to spur the kind of debate that Open and Shut deserved, but never really received. So it won't be enough that merely you download this book. Not nearly.

Instead, every reader will be encouraged to copy this book to their heart's content and pass it along to anyone and everyone whom they think might benefit from it.

It's time to liven up the debate on political reform in Canada -- Open or Shut is just the book to do it, and you can be part of that debate.

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