Friday, September 10, 2010

A Picture Worth a Thousand Words

First, the set-up:
And now, the punchline:
If Avaaz really wants to use the freeping of online polls to try to advance their cause, perhaps they should pick some that are a little more methodologically sound.

Just sayin'.


  1. That must be an *advocacy group* thingy.

  2. Maybe each vote from the "largest online advocacy group in Canada" counts as 500 votes?

  3. I didn't notice the first time I looked at the graph, but the total number of votes seems to be a wee bit out of whack.

  4. If anything, this is just optics. The CBC poll has some kind of display glitch.

    Then again, it isn't as if a CBC online poll is restricted to voters from Canada. So probably a lot of Americans voted on this poll as well.

    They freeped it. No question.


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