Saturday, August 21, 2010

Elizabeth May and The Clueless Dictatorship

Elizabeth May continues disingenuous sanctimony at Green convention

Despite the fact that the matter of her leaderhsip is not yet fully resolved, Green Party leader-in-clinging Elizabeth May seems clearly intent on pretending as if it were.

Following a vote in which the "85% support" she received only accounted for 15% of her party's total membership, May seems to want to treat the whole matter as if it were definitively settled.

“I think that there's really no question that any leadership questions are behind us and I will continue as leader of this party through the next federal election at least,” May insisted.

Apparently, no one bothered to tell would-be challenger Sylvie Lemieux, whose motion to hold a leadership contest, as mandated by the Green Party constitution, is to be debated at the convention.

Lemieux pointed to the Green Party's membership numbers -- the party has hemorrhaged members over the past year -- as a matter that needs to be addressed, and something that a leadership contest could help solve.

“We also have a discussion on the vision because a lot of people have had this discussion the last few years,” Lemieux explained. “This discussion, I think, is required for us to grow.”

“We have a lot of strengths but I'm not seeing these strengths on the radar of Canadians right now,” she added. “We're more than what's there right now.”

The party's leadership numbers should be alarming to any member of the Green Party, and would be of concern to any responsible leader.

Just not to Queen Lizzie.

Moreover, the tiny portion of Green Party members who bothered to vote on the online measures should also be worrisome to a leader who frequently expresses alarm at declining voter rates.

Apparently, for Queen Lizzie, those numbers are not of concern if they are within her own party, and they benefit her.

May is clearly not interested in these things. She's more interested in spreading panic about the governing Conservative Party.

In a detour into pure comedy, May declared that the governing Conservative party is a threat to Canadian democracy -- an accusation that, at this point, doesn't even come close to passing the laugh test.

“This is not the same country that I've known," May complained. "We are seeing changes that are so deeply dangerous and they are fundamental to the very fabric of our democracy, and we must not let that happen."

“It's such a barrage of body blows that things that happened three years ago, you almost stop caring about how bad that was because you have to adapt and respond to the next series of things,” May continued. “I say these things because I don't think Canadians hear them enough, and I don't think we have a strong enough sense as a citizenry that this isn't just more of the same.”

Frankly, May's comments, at this point, should elicit nothing more than a yawn. After all, this is a person whose continuing leadership of her party violates the party constitution.

Under Elizabeth May, the Green Party leadership has become what one could describe, in Jeffrey Simpson-esque terms, a clueless dictatorship.

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