Friday, August 27, 2010

You Mean Like This? Still No?

Canadian Muslim Congress denounces radical Islam

In the wake of arrests involving a suspected terror cell in Ottawa, various Canadian bloggers have called for Canadian Muslims to denounce terrorism.

The Canadian Muslim Congress has done precisely that.

"This is not something that comes as a total surprise," says the CMC's Raheel Raza. "We have a problem."

"There is a serious problem among Canadian Muslim youth and if we don't address this now, it can culminate into something dangerous," Raza continues. "We have to stand up and tackle this."

Raza doesn't seem to be concerned that her admissions of concern would attract attention from Islamophobes.

"There are always going to be bigots, we can't stop speaking out against radicalization just because we are afraid of a few bigots and hate-mongers," she continues. "Those people who are sensible ... will understand what we are talking about."

This comes hot on the heels of a declaration by the Canadian Council of Imams denouncing radical Islam -- one that was met with cynicism by Canadian critics of Islam.

Sadly, it's unlikely that Raheel Raza's concern about the radicalization of Muslim youths -- and her organization's efforts to stop it -- will be met with similar cynicism.

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  1. The community is always blamed for the actions of a small minority.

    It took place with each new influx of immigrants and during a time of unrest.

    We are witnessing on television, print, radio the loss of lives through war and terror. We have been exposed by the media to states run by Muslims that don't share our traditions and systems.

    It should be expected the tension will create a backlash in communities.


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