Monday, August 02, 2010

A Brief Statement on the State of the Canadian Blogosphere

The state of the Canadian blogosphere is: remarkably peaceful.

And it's much better off that way.

Certainly, John Baglow occasionally says something remarkably insipid, and Jay Currie occasionally points it out. Other remarkably-uninfluential asshats continue to flail away at the ideologically-unsoothing march of reality.

But other than that, since the Canadian blogosphere's resident sociopath decided to go on "hiatus", things have been remarkably peaceful in the Canadian blogosphere.

And it's much better off this way.

One shouldn't make the mistake of thinking that pure harmony will now reign supreme, and that conservatives and progressives alike will set aside their ideological slings and arrows.

But since certain vile individuals have blessed the Canadian blogosphere with their silence, it's remarkable how much the "personality warfare" decried by one blogger has subsided.

And while certainly, there are some things that could be said about this -- most notably, that an individual who accused others of spreading animosity has managed to largely quiet the guns of said personality warfare by his departure -- but very little needs to be said, because the state of the Canadian blogosphere is pretty evident.

It's remarkably peaceful, escpecially compared to how it used to be. And as far as your not-so-humble scibe is concerned, it can stay that way.

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