Sunday, August 22, 2010

As Green Party Leader, Queen Lizzie's Top Priority Is... Queen Lizzie

Elizabeth May's sole priority is herself

If anything could be said about Elizabeth May as an individual, it's that she has her priorities in order.

Unfortunately for the Green Party -- of which May remains leader after -- her top priority is not the party itself. Her top priority is herself.

Under May's leadership, the top priority of the Green Party will not be building the strength of her party, recovering the party members lost during the last year, or even electing a number of Green MPs, Under Queen Lizzie, the party's top priority will be Queen Lizzie herself.

Speaking from the Green Party convention, May re-affirmed this commitment to herself, over and above all else.

"The party has a fully prepared campaign plan," May announced. "The party has made priority decisions around, for instance, that getting the leader elected is the top priority. It had not even been on a list of priorities that the leader getting elected had any particular importance, so this is a big change for us."

Of course, it isn't actually a change at all. Elizabeth May has long stated that her number one priority as the leader of the Green Party is to get the leader elected. It must certainly help that the leader is herself.

In fact, electing May was already the Green Party's top priority in January when Murray Dobbin was harping about May's "master plan".

(Go figure. They're master planners.)

It isn't the first time that May has disingenuously peddled lies to Canadians.

But this is Elizabeth May. The political amnesiac. The clueless dictator. The would-be democrat who endorses a decidedly undemocratic coalition government over the objection of Canadians.

Leading up to the Green Party election, May has exploited the privileges of the office of Green Party leader into steamrolling her opposition -- just as she did to secure her nomination in Saanich-Gulf Islands.

Now, May has arranged for herself to remain leader by way of a constitutionally-dubious vote at the convention that will allegedly eliminate fixed terms.

Elizabeth May's top priority isn't her party. Nor is it her party's rules. Elizabeth May's top priority is herself, and nothing but herself.

Her leadership. Her election.

There is nothing else. There is Lizzie May. And after that, nothing.


  1. I found her comments comical - other party leaders are talking about forming governments (even Layton and he thankfully has no chance) and May is talking about her party getting her elected.

  2. The thing about it is that, by my reading of the Green Party constitution, May's leadership may still violate her party's constitution.

    The matter relates to whether or not the convention satisfies the requirement of a General Meeting.

    I need to research the matter a little better. In my mind, the matter would hinge on the delegation process for each -- whether the same delegation process applies.


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