Friday, August 20, 2010

Two Men, No Conscience

Is George Galloway really the real deal?

Based on this segment from his TV program of the same name, the answer must be, emphatically, "no".

In his interview with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Galloway shows himself to be not only an individual who is himself bereft of conscience, but more than willing to provide an open forum to an individual who is even more so.

In the first portiono of the interview, Galloway wavers back and forth between self-aggrandizing talk of "breaking the siege of Gaza", and of the prospects for "American aggression" against Iran over the nuclear issue.

If the first portion of this interview weren't bad enough, the second portion will make any proper-thinking individual want to punch Galloway as well:

In the second portion, Ahmadinejad dismisses the Green Revolution as foreign stooges, just before he declares them to be insignificant.

With a smile on his face he declares that his country will decline an invitation from the President of Brazil to allow an Iranian woman convicted of adultery to go into exile in Brazil rather than be viciously stoned to death.

Throughout it all, George Galloway repeatedly declares himself to be a supporter of Mahmoud Ahmaedinejad, his farce of a reelection, and his government.

Frankly, when two individuals as bereft of consciecne as Galloway and Ahmaedinejad meet, it's hard to avoid the conclusion that they really do deserve one another -- and George Galloway certainly deserves his reputation as a ready boot-licker for all sorts of tyrants.


  1. I know. Don't you just want to punch George Galloway? I mean more than you did before?

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  3. Why isn't the great humanitarian and anti-racist Galloway asking his boss, Ahmedinajed. about the show trial of b'hais and the "no Gays in Iran"?

    I alwasy knew Galloways was a terrorist enabling stooge, but I though it might be possible he had a shred of integrity and principle on some level.

    He obviously doesn't have that. Working for Iranian-government owned Press TV, when talking to his master, Galloway turned into a fawning, toadying, disgusting sycophant.

    I would be willing to bet George got on his hands and knees and lapped a bowl of cream afterwards at Amadinutjobs feet.

  4. It's very simple: for Galloway, the only lives he cares about are the ones that help him advance his extreme left-wing agenda.

    Ironically, gays in Iran don't help him accomplish that feat.


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