Saturday, August 14, 2010

They Broke In to Alcatraz. Think About That.

John Trudell is an American aboriginal poet and artist whose eloquence was once described by the FBI as "dangerous".

Trudell was also well-renowned as an aboriginal activist.

In activism, one measures commitment by how far one is willing to go -- whether or not one is willing to do things that their opponents are not willing to do.

In 1969, Trudell led a group of aboriginal activists to occupy Alcatraz Island. Up until just six years previous, Alcatraz was a prison that was home to the United States' worst of the worst -- including Al Capone.

No one is known to have ever escaped from Alcatraz, and the United States still claims no one ever did -- although more than a few tried unsuccessfully.

When John Trudell went searching for an activist stunt to captivate the imagination of American aboriginals, he led a a group of aboriginals to occupy Alcatraz.

They broke into a prison that it was -- and still is -- believed no one could break out of.

There are few ways Trudell and his group could have demonstrated their dedication any more strongly.

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