Friday, May 07, 2010

Yet Another Place Where George Galloway Isn't Allowed

George Galloway turfed in British election

A new place has been added alongside Canada and Egypt to the list of places where George Galloway is't allowed:

The British House of Commons.

In an election that has yet to produce a winner, it has produced at least one loser: anti-Israel firebrand and Hamas supporter Galloway.

Galloway was unseated by Labour Party candidate Jim Fitzpatrick. Though Galloway pandered and pandered to the Muslim vote in his riding, he was unable to hold on.

"The disRESPECT party has clearly suffered a huge defeat and that's another major positive from yesterday," Fitzpatrick quipped.

Galloway's RESPECT Party failed to post a single victory in the 2010 election. Galloway came in third. Salma Yaquoob came in second in her riding. Galloway came in third in Poplar and Limehouse, the riding he chose to run in despite being the sitting MP for Bethnal Green & Bow -- a riding Galloway's RESPECT Party also lost to Rushanara Ali, who will become Britain's first Bangladeshi-Briton MP. She also ran for the Labour Party.

In the end, it was the Muslim voters who decided to bid Galloway farewell.

“We say goodbye to George Galloway,” Ali announced. “We decided it was time to pay our final respects to RESPECT. Together we voted to end the division and unite the East End.”

Muslims gathered at Ali's victory speech were reported to have chanted "scum, scum, scum" and "out, out, out" when Galloway's name was mentioned.

It shouldn't be considered surprising. Galloway was assaulted earlier in the election campaign, reportedly by Muslims. Later in the election, Galloway himself was accused of assaulting an individual who criticized his stance on Iraq's Saddam Hussein.

Galloway's tenure as MP was one in which he spent more time eating cat food on a nationally-televised reality TV show and turning over thousands of pounds sterling in funds to Hamas than actually doing his job in the House of Commons.

George Galloway's defeat couldn't have happened to a better individual.

Update - It's pretty cool when you can outrank the RESPECT Party themselves on Google on a story like this:


  1. I am almost curious how many tears are being shed by those Galloway supporters in Canada?

    Another icon of the left losing his "entitlements".

  2. I'm sure Heather Mallick is positively outraged.

  3. Heh heh, and speaking of Mallick, have you had the opportunity to plough thru her latest manure pile at the Guardian?...incredibly funny shit although I'm sure she's serious about laying an egg...oh the irony...bwahahahaa...

  4. Are you referring to the "Gold Medal in Reality" column?

    I found it to be rather ironic. As far as reality goes, Heather Mallick can't get anywhere near the podium.

    Like almost all of the far-left.

  5. Nope, not that pile but the "Try to ignore Canada, Britain" pile at, also www.nationalnewswatch has a link to Mallick's latest steamer...I'm thinkin' Audrey and CK must be in the Mallick mentoring program...heh heh.

  6. Poor, poor, Heather Mallick. She either doesn't understand Canadians rejected the coalition, or just doesn't care.

    So much for democracy.


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