Thursday, May 06, 2010

Green Party Leader Elected...

...And it isn't Elizabeth May

In one of the surprise results from the British election, Green Party leader Caroline Crocker has been elected to the House of Commons.

Lucas won the seat for Brighton Pavilion. The seat was formerly a Conservative stronghold that had been won by the Labour Party in 1997. Now it's a Green riding.

This ends Britain's streak, unique within Europe, of never electing a Green MP.

“Thank you for putting the politics of hope above of the politics of fear,” Lucas told those gathered to witness the call in Brighton Pavilion.

One imagines that, right about now, Canadian Green Party leader Elizabeth May -- who has elected to run in the riding of Saanich-Gulf Islands -- must be looking across the Atlantic Ocean and getting some ideas of her own.

Based on her performance in the 2008 election, when May failed to displace deputy Prime Minister Peter MacKay in the longtime Tory stronghold of Central Nova, one may wonder if any additional confidence imparted by Lucas' victory would be warranted.

Saanich-Gulf Islands is said to be one of the greener ridings in Canada -- most sympathetic to environmental issues. But in that riding May will have to confront another Conservative cabinet Minister, Gary Lunn, elected with a strong plurality in the 2008 contest.

Elizabeth May very well could follow Caroline Lucas' example by being elected Canada's first Green MP. But she should by no means count on it.


  1. How can she stay she is not pushing the politics of fear? Old shell game find villian and promise to make those villians pay.

    She names three villans are Energy Companies (Robber Barons-(BP,Shell,Centrica). I might do a post mocking her targeting only "oil". She did mention spineless gov't gave them 9 billion in Carbon credits.

  2. Well, we should remember that Gerard Kennedy's favourite accusation to lob at the Tories for a while was that they had campaigned based on fear-mongering.

    Meanwhile, it was the Liberals who were clearly fear-mongering. As far as being Alinskyites goes, Canadian liberals were far ahead of the curve.

  3. Protest vote?

    They did that in Ontario once and woke up the next day with Boob Rae in charge.


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