Monday, May 10, 2010

"We Are All Kanellos"

Few people could have said it better -- but not in the way that John Baglow must have imagined.

In a recent post at his blog, "Dr Dawg" John Baglow remarks about Kanellos, the dog who has been spotted at many Greek protests since 2008.

One is almost uncertain about how to break the bad news to Baglow, but:

Kanellos is a dog.

It isn't as if Kanellos understands the issues at the heart of the protests he shows up at. And considering the scope of the fiscal situation in Greece, one wonders if some those protesting against austerity measures on the part of the government understand why they are protesting.

Greece owes as much as 120% of its Gross Domestic Product to foreign creditors, a figure that is increasing with Greece's deficit, accounting for 13% of its GDP.

And although many are blaming Goldman Sachs for the Greek debt crisis, they conveniently forget that all Goldman Sachs did was facilitate the crisis-deepening plans of the Greek government by helping them hide their public debt and falsify their public financial records.

Yet even with their country facing complete fiscal insolvency, Greek leftists rioted so ferociously three people -- technically four, when one considers one of the dead was a pregnant woman -- were killed when a Molotov cocktail was thrown into a bank.

The rioters are clearly so ideologically blinded that they couldn't even possibly understand the consequences of a failure to control and contain Greece's debt.

Just as a dog doesn't understand political issues -- and doesn't care -- he Greek rioters clearly don't understand the issue at hand. Nor do they seem to care.

"We are all Kanellos."

In the most fundamental sense, truer words have never been spoken.

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