Sunday, May 16, 2010

Just a Quick Note...

For any Nexus readers who may at this point be wondering, yes there will be a lot of coverage of British politics over the coming weeks, and perhaps even months.

The reason for this is rather simple: right now there's little of actual relevance going on in Canadian politics. While many may be content to wrangle over the non-story that is the Jaffer/Geurgis affair, or feign shock at the notion that the Liberal Party seems to be backing off the release of Afghan detainee documents now that it looks like the documents may actually be made available to MPs, or rage at a bunch of non-NGO staffers who are upset that the state of affairs at their agency will no longer be ideology-as-usual, there's just little of interest going on in Canadian politics at this time.

Whereas Britain is currently undergoing a very exciting period of change. Combine this with the detail that Canadians ought to keep a close eye on British politics -- both to understand that our polities are quite similar and quite different, not to mention the interests that Canada and Britain share -- and it becomes clear that this is just seems to be the natural direction for the Nexus to follow at this time.

With 2010 Mid-term elections only months away, expect some coverage of that, too. Also, more coverage of France.

This isn't to say that readers should expect there to be less coverage of Canadian politics on an ongoing basis -- only until our leaders in Ottawa finally get off their asses and start doing something.

That is all.

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  1. I was doing some reading today on what's happening over there. You are right, they are going through a change. A small one to begin with, but the conservative voices are coming out now more forecefully.
    Remember Daniel Hannah and his rant that went viral on the net? He seems to think that there should be a referendum to determine if UK should move out of the EU and a lot of Brits, including MPs are making similar noises. If they get out, Germany will follow for sure and that's that with the EU.


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