Monday, May 10, 2010

Move the Fuck Over, Michael Moore...

...George Galloway is coming for your "craziest person in Hollywood" crown

One wouldn't believe it if it didn't come from his own website, but former British MP George Galloway is planning to make documentary films.

Or rather, one should say that Galloway plans to follow Michael Moore's lead in abusing the medium of documentary film to advance his political agenda.

But to each their own, one suspects.


  1. As good as it gets- Jack Nicholson..

  2. Well, why not? I wish Galloway well and look forward to seeing him mete out just desserts to corporate fascists the world over.

    One of the lessons you pick up as you march into adulthood is that EVERY film-maker has an agenda. It can be Michael Moore, or George Galloway, or Mel Gibson, or Oliver Stone, or Orson Welles. ANYBODY. You have to be an adult about these things. The idea of being a discriminating film viewer would seem to be apposite here.

  3. See, the thing about it is that documentary film carries with it a myth of objective truth that people like Michael Moore exploit.

    Moore exploits it in particularly devious ways. He's actually quite reviled by the producers of serious documentary, and I expect that Galloway will be as well.


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