Sunday, May 02, 2010

Liberal Democrats Fall Back to Earth?

Labour, Lib Dems statistically tied in latest poll

Up until today, the story in the 2010 British election had been the seeming rise of the Liberal Democratic Party to challenge Labour's claim to be the voice of the left in British politics.

Now, that story may be no more, as the most recent polls have the Conservative Party narrowly extending an already-narrow lead, and the Lib Dems falling behind Labour by two points.

Polls indicate that the Tories now hold the support of 36% of decided voters, Labour is supported by 29%, and the Liberal Democrats are supported by 27%.

Which would actually place Labour and the Liberal Democrats in a statistical tie.

Overall, this has actually changed little in this election. Britons can still anticipate a hung parliament after this election, as the Conservatives remain up to 43 seats short of a majority based on polling data.

With four days remaining before balloting on May 6, it's unlikely that the Tories can bridge that gulf, even with David Cameron dominating the final leaders' debate.

What will likely remain to be seen is who Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats will cast their balance of power behind -- if they decide to back anyone at all.

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