Friday, May 07, 2010

The Unique Brand of Mysogyny of the Left

What do women want?

It's a question asked by men the world over, and by politicians in particular.

In our most recent dispatch from the far side of the Blogging Iron Curtain, CK purports to provide the answer:
So women don't want to be protected from crime, and don't want children protected from sexual predators.

Who knew?

What do women actually want? Well, speaking on behalf of "the sisterhood", CK is more than happy to let us all know:
Evidently, CK has subscribed to the Antonia Zerbisias/Heather Mallick point of view where the long gun registry must be maintained not only as a piece of left-wing ideological boilerplate, but as a piece of feminist left-wing ideological boilerplate.

And that's what CK assumes women want.

She assues that women -- all women -- want universal state-funded childcare, a fastidious left-wing interpretation of the Canada Health Act, and ideological preference for what advocacy and activist groups will be funded, and which ones will not:
CK says women want an end to "all discrimination".

Except discrimination against religious groups. That kind of discrimination is A-OK.

Moreover, CK also assumes that Canadian women -- all Canadian women -- share her simmering and blistering hatred of all things conservative. Including conservative women:
One cringes at the thought of the sight of CK hammering out that semi-lucid diatribe against conservative women. It's frankly hard to overlook the bizarre and distinctly anti-conservative brand of sexism permeating CK's tirade.

The assumption made is that Rona Ambrose couldn't even possibly be thinking for herself. Rather, "her master" (or "massa", in CK's previous adventure with racist commentary) tells her what to say, tells her what to think.

One would be shocked, until one remembers that this is the same brand of sexism directed by left-wingers against conservative women. Left-wingers, you see, insist that they represent all women.

Unless one includes conservative women. At which case, as one recalls with Heather Mallick's career-killing diatribe against Sarah Palin, they actually cease to be women at all. Moreover, they actually cease to be human at all!

At that point the loonishly extreme left ideologues like CK content themselves to merely say mean things about them. But that's of little surprise: did anyone actually expect anything more?


  1. For a vegan she has a great deal of hostility.

    If you are a female and don't share her views you are evil, stupid and weak. (Okay)

    If you don't share redistribution of wealth economic ideology you are some right wing cracker.

    Do you think she should seek professional help for her anger, hostility issues?

  2. I'd say so. It's a common trait amongst most of those on the far side of the Blogging Iron Curtain.


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