Friday, May 28, 2010

Oh, My. That's a Devestating Intellectual Argument You've Made There

Clearly following up with certain lunatics who think temper tantrums are a credible alternative to defend one's arguments, it seems that Audrey of ETP apparently wants to muse about the sizes of "appendages":
Apparently, Audrey is uncomfortable enough with the size of her readers and the number and quality of ideas she can offer them (quantity -- very few; quality -- very poor). So her solution is to spread innuendo about anyone who would point this out to her.

One would say "fair enough".

But then one stops to think: doesn't something like this actually undermine the purpose of Audrey's blog. Let your not-so-humble scribe explain it to you.

The purpose of Enormous Thriving Plants -- which, judng from its content, is really just a rip off of the also-dismal Canadian Cynic and Galloping Beaver blogs -- is to attempt to demonstrate that so-called "progressives" are intellectually superior to conservatives.

Audrey doesn't try to accomplish this by attempting to produce a superior package of ideas, or even attempt to demonstrate the superiority of her own ideas. Rather, Audrey attempts to accomplish this by denigrating the ideas of conservatives -- comically, while refusing to even familiarize herself with them (Jonah Goldberg, anyone?).

Yet Audrey has a tendency to pretend that the arguments offered on her blog are intellectually devastating -- even when she tries to read natural selection out of evolutionary theory.

In reality, what Audrey does is attempt to single out fringe elements of conservative thought and treat them as representative of a whole. When she attempts to address the ideas of more mainstream conservatives, she uses a different tactic: deliberately mis-representing their ideas or arguments.

After suffering a long streak of defeats, Audrey's response was to join a blogging embargo against your so-superior-to-twits-like-Audrey-that-there's-no-sense-in-even-pretending-otherwise scribe.

Which, in itself, was an awfully devastating argument.

Apparently, to those on the far side of the blogging iron curtain -- Audrey included -- running away from those who have defeated them is how they ultimately prove they're smarter.

Go figure.

And now Audrey has clearly fallen even further than that. Slander and innuendo may bring a fickle smile to the face of the intellectually cowardly, but your so-very-intellectually-superior-to-Audrey scribe would remind her that, for what she so desperately craves, slander and innuendo won't get it done.

What Audrey needs is a devastating intellectual argument. And considering that she can't even get the difference between astronomy and astrology right, it's pretty clear that's just never going to emerge.

That's why it's time to close the books on Audrey once and for all.

The poor dear just can't keep up. It's time to let her wallow in her intellectual impotency without the attentions provided by the Nexus.

But fear not, Audrey. We'll always have evolutionary theory. And your demonstrated ignorance of it.

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