Monday, November 12, 2007

Cry Harder, Lindsay

One would think an actor would want the spotlight

Yep. It seems safe that we can now confirm Waterloo actor/waitress (read: failed actor) Lindsay Stewart among our readers here at the Nexus.

Now, I'm sure Lindsay would like to think I spent a lot of time uncovering his (her?) identity. Actually, I didn't. It was actually revealled to me by an individual who will go unnamed here.

And personally, I'm very comfortable with my phsyical proximity to mr (ms?) Stewart -- or, more pointedly, lack thereof. Like many people, I try not to be in the presence of vicious, hateful people. But I digress.

Apparently, what Lindsay wants to take issue with most is me is my characterization of her as a failed actor. That's fair enough. I take issue with her description of the Nexus as "an online toilet".

I mean, hey: I don't attack grieving mothers for political reasons, wish death upon other people, or take obvious pleasure when a political opponent comes under fire in a warzone, but I do my best. Apparently, according to Lindsay, my greatest crime -- aside from refusing to tolerate the bullying directed at others by herself, her blogmate, or their equally vicious (and also unmasked) cohort, Martin Rayner -- is being a "conservative blogger".

And I totally didn't see that coming, either.

As much as Lindsay would like to list her "major motion picture" and "indie film" appearances as evidence of some sort of great success, the fact is that this doesn't really mean much. Hell, I can answer a classified ad and go appear in a "major motion picture" this week, probably in about the same capacity as the totally-not-a-failure Ms Stewart.

To make things even more amusing, however, Ms Stewart has asked me for a list of my acomplishments.

Gee, Lindsay, you only had to ask:

The fact of the matter is that I'm a published writer. If Lindsay's appearance in various indie films and recording projects qualifies as success, I would certainly suggest that she's no more successful than I:

"Lest we forget this Remembrance Day

"Desire Munyaneza should be deported

"Our country's other heroes deserve recognition as well"

"Tories in need of Reform

"So long and good riddance, Ernst Zundel"

"Society has itself to blame for Dawson shooting

"Women in parliament a broad issue" (Please forgive the pun, I don't write the headlines.)

"Much hot air emitted in Carbon tax debate"

"America's Funniest Republican Home Videos"

Of course, this is just a brief excerpt from my published works.

I'd like to think that the fact that I've published this work (and more) while also going to University full-time and recieving (more or less) straight A's, I'd say that I have, to date, been fairly successful in my chosen profession.

So if Lindsay, like Marty and Cynic, want to fall all over themselves looking for something to attack me for, my occupational success, as a student and as a writer, really isn't one of them.


  1. How about they attack you for what you did (which is, from what I read, exactly what they did)
    You had no good reason to publish her name. None whatsoever.
    Yet you did.
    And then you added the snide 'failed actor' bit to... what? Add some salt? Rubbing it in just a tad bit more??
    And this doesn't make you the posterboy for 'internet jackass of the year'?
    Grow up. You're a petulant brat who talks (or writes) before you think.
    What's that word I'm looking for?
    Oh right... callow.

  2. Right. I'm totally going to take lessons about how to be a grown-up from Sparky.

    Just keep holding your breath, bud.

  3. I'm not giving lessons. I'm stating what is.
    You won't take lessons from reality, either, but that's your way.
    You to the person and not at what the person stated--"right, I'm totally going to take lessons about how to be grown-up from Sparky"
    That by itself again shows a lack of maturity.
    Nicknames set you off? Hi, my name's Dave. Now will you deal with your jackassedness that you showed when you 'outed' PSA? What did you accomplish? What are you accomplishing with repeatedly mentioning her real name and/or initials in your blog posts "I know your real name!! Neener neener neener!!!"
    If that's not callow, then what is?

  4. Really, Sparky.

    Now, what lessons would you suggest that reality is teaching me? That a bunch of self-professed left-wingers want to try and condemn me for something?

    Let me ask you this: where was that outrage (on behalf of yourself and Lindsay Stewart) when Cynic attacked Wanda Watkins? Where was it?

    Watkins' greatest crime, in Cynic's words, was supporting the war in Afghanistan, and having a dead son.

    And Cynic attacked her for that.

    Where was the outrage, Sparky? Where was it?

    You people want me to believe that I've done something wrong in outing one of Cynic's hatchetpeople, in comparison to that?

    You people are simply hilarious.

    What is even more hilarious is this: apparently, I've earned the scorn of people who, largely, I have no respect for -- in fact, little but contempt for -- and you think I'm supposed to care.

    That just makes me laugh.

  5. "but.. but.. but Canadian Cynic was a meanie!!!"
    Want to dig that immature hole any deeper?
    And we can add a reading comprehension of zero 'cause CC wasn't telling a grieving mother to fuck off, he was telling a grieving mother to stop using her grief to guilt the rest of us into supporting and continuing the war. Just outrage is something you don't get.
    And Just outrage is what you're facing now when you 'outed' PSA for no good reason.
    I also like how you moved the goal posts again--another sign of a callow intellect who can't address the issue but come up with yet one more obfuscation to avoid dealing with the very problem you started.
    First it was 'I won't deal with my deliberately causing consternation in others because you're anon, Sparky!'
    So I give my name (and your super sleuthing sKilLz0rs should be able to track me down faster than you did with PSA 'cause I'm pretty easy to find on the internets) but that wasn't good enuf--now it's 'I won't answer you 'cause CC's a meanie (as long as I deliberately misread what CC actually wrote)!!'
    And what's with the 'you people'? Generalizing?? Another sign of a very immature outlook.
    It's amazing what we can hide behind when we generalize--"I don't have to answer my misdeeds 'cause 'you people' are worse!!"
    Once again, wanna get off that high horse and grow up, jackass?

  6. Dave, Dave, Dave,

    You just aren't getting the point, are you? I don't particularly care what you think.

    Not only are you callow enough to defend that cowardly piece of slime, but, quite frankly, you're no less a piece of trash than he is.

    The fact that you would defend his attack on Wanda Watkins as "just rage" is merely further proof of that.

    There were plenty of ways Cynic could have disagreed with Wanda Watkins (which would have been perfectly legitimate) without having to resort to an attack as he did. But, instead, he attacked her.

    Shorter Canadian Cynic: "Fuck you and your grief because I disagree with you politically."

    Shorter Sparky: "Yeah, Cynic, you sure told her!"

    Sparky, you can go ahead and say whatever you want about me. I don't need to impress you. But at least I can safely say that I'm not a sycophantic hypocrite. I mean, you could say the same, it just wouldn't be true.

    As you may recall, I drew a line in the sand over the Wanda Watkins affair. That line is rather simple: if you want to attack a grieving mother, you'd better have enough courage to do it using your own name. Cynic doesn't.

    The funniest thing about it is that instead of doing the right thing and apologizing (making a weak excuse about his cat being run over doesn't cut it), he's actually conducted himself as if he's quite proud of it.

    And the rest of you little weasles seem fine with that. It makes you just as bad.

    Canadian Cynic attacked Wanda Watkins, and hid behind anonymity.

    I drew a line in the sand. Lindsay Stewart crossed it. Cynic crossed it (and he will be identified, at a time and place of my choosing).

    At the end of the day, the hilatrious thing is this: time spent determining PSA's identity: zero. The hypocritical outrage of Canadian Cynic's groupies? Priceless.

  7. "I drew a line in the sand. Lindsay Stewart crossed it. Cynic crossed it (and he will be identified, at a time and place of my choosing)."

    Not if I out him first!



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