Monday, November 12, 2007

Martin Rayner: Still Stewing

Some classics simply never go out of style

Accepting defeat graciously has never been one of Martin Rayner's strong points.

In the days following the logical shit-kickings he has endured here at the Nexus of late, it would seem that one he endured months ago is still irritating him a little bit.

This particular issue actually pertains to the decisive defeat he suffered at the hands of Richard Evans in the Great Canadian Debate.

Of course, it's tempting to remind Marty that not only did Richard Evans put forth a superior argument, but the "esteemed" mr Rayner failed to actually address the debating issue at all. Instead, he made up his own and debated that.

Mr Rayner's even taken it upon himself to post a poll to his blog asking his readers who they think won.

When his sycophantic corps of groupies concludes that Mr Rayer won, I'm sure the rest of us will at least pretend to be surprised.

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