Sunday, November 11, 2007

Methinks He's a Little Bitter

Careful, Cynic: your wounded pride is showing

In a recent post, Canadian Cynic is apparently rather displeased with the results of the results of the Best Canadian category of the 2007 Weblog awards:

Yes, Steve, these awards were all about quality.

Perhaps Cynic's outrage was exacerbated by the fact that The Galloping Beaver (actually, all together a pretty good blog) was beaten out by not one, not two, or even merely three of his nemeses... but four.

After all that hard work, too. Maybe Cynic isn't quite the influential figure in the blogosphere that he thought he was (thank god).

But at least he's finally starting to wake up to the fact that a large readership doesn't necessarily denote a high-quality blog -- particularly when one, as he, constantly stoops to the lowest common denominator.


  1. C/C, he's kind of like a train wreck. It's horrible but you just have to look! I thought "my blahg" was bad, but now...
    Too bad the blog awards don't have an award for bad language. (although I'm guilty of that sometimes)

  2. No, I think if the blog awards gave a worst language award, I should win.

    I mean, come on, man: the name!


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