Thursday, November 01, 2007

Apparently, Marty's Never Heard of Quid Pro Quo

Rayner's disregard for the freedom of speech of others apparent once again

With Martin Rayner recently falling all over himself to try and get a leg up on us here at the Nexus, the "esteemed" mr Rayner apparently believes he's found himself a triumph in this particular tale.

Yet, in his search for those ever-elusive victories he so desperately craves, mr Rayner has clearly -- I would argue almost willfully -- overlooked the fact that not only has Andrew Meyer dropped his complaint, but the state of Florida conveniently dropped all charges against him, despite the fact that the resisting arrest charges themselves were legitimate (although the use of force was clearly not).

Unsurprisingly, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement claimed the use of force was legitimate. Now that Meyer has clearly decided that discretion is the better part of valour, they get to make this claim without being asked any further questions about it.

And Meyers gets the charges dropped. Yep, it's convenient for everyone, all-around.

Too bad one of his groupies begs to differ with him. Consider the comments of "Ti-Guy":

"I still don't think he should have been tased. I've developed a really hardened attitude to those things lately. How little misbehaving do you have to engage in these days to get a tasing?"
Then again, perhaps "Ti-Guy's" devotion to civil rights isn't so resolute:

"...on the other, I'd tase Pats for his fashion sense alone, so maybe I'm not an objective party."
...Apparently, he also wants to be my fashion advisor as well.

Now, if RT or any of his cohorts want to explain why four police officers felt that they needed to tase Andrew Meyer, or why they weren't reading him his Miranda rights upon arrest, they may feel free to do that.

While they're at it, maybe they could ask Michelle Malkin why the police report in no way resembles the events as they were recorded in video.

Or they can take the intellectual coward's way out and insist that, because the complaint has been summarily dropped, that everything was A-OK, despite the fact that it clearly wasn't.

One also remembers that John Kerry agreed to answer Meyers' question in the first place.

Between their rampant apologism over the Andrew Meyer affair and their recent vaccilations regarding the Troy Scheffler affair, it becomes pretty obvious that freedom of speech sells pretty cheaply for Rayner and his ilk.

Rayner's attitude becomes pretty apparent: free speech for me and mine, fuck the rest of you.

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